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Just trying to get my dk sucked

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Rebootedwhich included the lyrics "if you like Snow halation, you need to shoot yourself" and "S!

Snow halation sucks! Snow halation isn't funny!

The lyrics of the song appear on the video itself, instead of as YouTube subtitles. The "HUH!

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I remember a time when DKs brought a haste buff at one point. I remember when horn tryimg winter was the same as battle shout. Blizzard's pruning of the death knights over the years have left us weak and decrepit.

We are only merely shadows of what we were, ducked it reflects in PVP and high end progression. Hateful-dragonmaw Hateful Hi friend, you're making a good.

It seems like most people are disappointed in their class coming from Legion to BfA, myself as one of them, and those that I know rerolled to a new call girls sex have been having more fun because they didn't know what the class was in all its former glory - as sad as that sounds.

I played resto druid in Legion, trylng it was absolutely incredible. It's very just trying to get my dk sucked but I enjoy raid healing with it although most Holy Paladins from Legion rerolled to Monk.

This DK is a week old and it's extremely refreshing for me to play, because it's new and I don't have 2 girl sex expectations. Maybe give DH a shot? Steroider-thrall Steroider Flazz-mannoroth BoS just isn't available often.

We're balanced around this entire ability, but if it's in Utah tonight nsa, we are sucke really weak. It is typically useful for the first pack of just trying to get my dk sucked and then you have to hold off until the boss, or you have NOTHING to offer if it's. A wipe on a boss, or back to back bosses, means you are going to be doing tank-like DPS for half of your boss fights.

Outlaw Rogues are balanced around their cooldowns, and have the means to use them more. Okay, so now that my complaining is out just trying to get my dk sucked adult novelties virginia beach way, let's go over some options. Give us a passive "Restless Blades" from the Rogue Toolkit type ability that reduces the cooldown of Empower Rune Weapon and BoS by a certain amount on critical strikes.

Then, nerf the overall damage of BoS to balance it out with its new uptime. Overall DPS at this point should be the same, but it allows for us to be more flexible, more forgiving, and mostly to be more able to get ho BoS more.

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Buff Obliteration and Icecap to make them more competitive. A high risk, high reward talent shouldn't be so far ahead of the other talents. Nerf BoS damage and buff our baseline abilities' damage. Ger is the worst outcome.

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This kills the "high risk, high reward" playstyle, and makes it less appealing overall. Personally, I like the BoS playstyle.

Sep 10, 6. Class should be totally reworked with either new ranged spec or unholy as ranged spec because it does not make sense anymore.

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I will see once i hit and get more must how things progress since we got some new stuff droppin soon. It will get much much worst Blizzard devs made this class dead spec in pvp They are just bad at thier job very bad so many years this game stood as best mmo it will lose it title very soon and just trying to get my dk sucked go f2p it diesent worth the money.